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Website Security Choosing the Right Website Security Solution In establishing a security perimeter for your website, it is best to take a “defense in depth” approach – using several layers of security, which complement each other, to counter different threat vectors. Multiple security products should be used to protect a [...]

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Itway Hellas S.A. , as a Value Added Distributor,  delivers value above and beyond order-taking and product fulfillment.  Offers Quality Information Technology Solutions and services to meet the requirements of the fast growing information protection – availability & total it security in the Greek market.

Covering the markets of Greece, Cyprus & Malta, is located in Athens and its range of activities include Distribution , Support Sales,  Consulting and Training.

Itway Hellas S.A.  partners with leading Greek and multinational intergators in the area of Data Protection, Availability and IT Security projects. Our wide range of Partners meet the high level of expertise with their targeted and add on experience over the years .

Itway Hellas S.A. experienced and knowledgeable executives have the capacity of taking efficient decisions, in order to fulfill customer expectations, in a correct and complete manner.  Itway Hellas  philosophy reflects the customer needs for after sales support – improved productivity and better management of personnel resources. Itway Hellas S.A. has also been developing broad and comprehensive services portfolios that cover customer needs. These services include:

  • Consulting Services and Design Services regarding Storage, Protection and IT Security Solutions
  • Implementation and Health Check Services (Installation, Configuration, Integration with existing environment, Acceptance testing, Documentation etc.)
  • Technical Support Contracts with Service Level Agreements that meet the customer requirements
  • Training Services regarding Storage, Protection and IT Security Solutions.

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