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Website Security Choosing the Right Website Security Solution In establishing a security perimeter for your website, it is best to take a “defense in depth” approach – using several layers of security, which complement each other, to counter different threat vectors. Multiple security products should be used to protect a [...]

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is here

todayOctober 11, 2019


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is here

Any workload. Any environment. One OS.

The intelligent OS for hybrid cloud

Modern IT is hybrid IT. But turning a sprawling ecosystem – from traditional datacenters to public cloud services – into a true hybrid environment requires a few things. Scaling as needed. Moving workloads seamlessly. Developing and managing applications that run anywhere. There’s an operating system that makes those things possible. And now it gives you predictive analytics and remediation with the availability of Red Hat Insights for all active subscriptions. That’s Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

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Check Point Training CCSA CCSE R80

Tο σεμινάριο δύναται να επιδοτηθεί από τον ΟΑΕΔ πρόγραμμα ΛΑΕΚ CCSA Core Security Administrator Training Advance your knowledge on the GAiA operating system! 3-day course covers everything you need to ...

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