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Website Security Choosing the Right Website Security Solution In establishing a security perimeter for your website, it is best to take a “defense in depth” approach – using several layers of security, which complement each other, to counter different threat vectors. Multiple security products should be used to protect a [...]

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ForeScout Solve your toughest use cases

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Solve your toughest use cases

Control Network Access:

Gain continuous visibility of physical and virtual devices, users, applications and operating systems as they access your network. Notify users and IT staff of issues and automatically apply appropriate access controls such as restricting, blocking, quarantining or reassigning devices to VLAN segments.

Manage Your Assets:

Improve security, IT efficiency and compliance with continuous, accurate IT asset management. Illuminate blind spots that periodic scanning tools miss. Gain in-depth details about traditional devices as well as virtual, IoT and OT devices and share rich contextual data with operations staff and third-party ITAM tools.

Respond to Incidents:

Accelerate incident response to mitigate threats and data breaches. Share device context, user information and device compliance status with your security/ IT management tools and security operations staff. Orchestrate policybased responses to identified threats – without agents – for a single dashboard across your extended enterprise.

Automate Device Compliance:

Continuously monitor devices as they come and go from the network and notify users of policy violations such as out-of-date or sub-standard security software, operating systems and configuration settings. Control device configurations according to organizational best practice policies and regulatory mandates.

Segment Your Network:

Use real-time device context to automate policy-based assignment and enforcement of access control lists and VLANs. Limit unknown, compromised, rogue or IoT devices to specific segments where they can’t spread malware or exfiltrate data. Standardize segmentation management across campus, data center, cloud and OT environments.

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