todayJanuary 22, 2020

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Website Security Choosing the Right Website Security Solution In establishing a security perimeter for your website, it is best to take a “defense in depth” approach – using several layers of security, which complement each other, to counter different threat vectors. Multiple security products should be used to protect a [...]

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ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2019

todayOctober 11, 2019


WhatsUp Gold 2019 is now available !

WhatsUp Gold 2019 is the newest release and offers new, user-driven features that give you even more visibility to the status of your IT environment including:

  • Suspicious Traffic Report. This reveals traffic and conversations with suspicious IP addresses inside or outside your network, allowing you to act quickly and take appropriate measures to correct the threat and minimize damage.
  • More Control with Custom Maps. More controls are added for you to design custom network maps the way you want to see them.
  • New Application Monitoring User Interface and Associated Workflows. The interface in 2019 has been updated extensively to simplify workflows and improve usability.
  • WhatsUp Gold Live Activity. Want a way to see everything WhatsUp Gold is doing in the background? WhatsUp Gold Live allows you to see activity occurring in all areas of the application in near real-time.

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